Prior to visiting these two we had visited Turaida Castle which has been extensively restored, however it was immediately apparent that it was a trap of the worst kind. The kind set to snair American and Japanese on coach parties from their freshly exchanged Latvian currency and we hadn't even rolled into a parking space before we were being asked to part with 3 LVL payment in cash, euro's or credit card. We declined. I'm sure it's very nice but we came to the Baltic's to escape the coach parties as much as possible.

 We carried on, originally intending to enter the region of Daugavpils to see a Bascialla Church there however the A6 began to seriously deteriorate so after visiting the Koknese Ruins we decided we were going to head back West and off the main Latvia - Russia trunk road.

By now it was getting late and we parked up outside a 24 hour burger chain which was well flood lit and away from the wagons parked up overnight.

The next day we visited Rundale Palace but having had our fill of Palace interiors we instead decided to concentrate our efforts on the gardens which were magnificent and much better then depicted in our Guidebook.

From here we ventured 40 miles across the border into Lithuania to view the Hill of Crosses. We avoided the obligatory tourist trap (£3 for motor homes, 50p for cars - but I suspect it is possible to overnight here) and parked up on the road to wander across to see the spectacle. Pretty weird if you ask me.

 Tonight we are back in Latvia in the town of Jelgava en route to Riga in the next couple of days.

Overnight Location GPS: (56.65136, 23.73850) - Jelgava quiet carpark near an aritificual beach and new walkway with a nice walk into the city.

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