Panoramic View of Lake Bled, Slovenia
We've been meaning to come back to Lake Bled since we left, almost 4 years ago. Having visited Camping Bled out of season in 2009 we found it almost deserted. Fast forward to the last week in July 2013 and the shoreline is a hive of activity, but somehow still manages to hold the same appeal.

Prior to arriving at the site we'd e-mailed ahead, the reply to our e-mail told us that they were in fact fully booked until September but to try our luck at around 2pm in their unmarked pitch area. When we rolled up there were already 4 vans queued up in front of us and so it was with trepidation that Adam walked into the reception area.

"Do you have any room for a motorhome?", "Sorry, no we're full" came the reply. Not as an attempt to challenge him but in passing I told him not to worry and that we had e-mailed yesterday and were told to arrive about 2pm. Then, he looked at something scribbled on his pad and picked up a site map. "You can try here, if you like" he said, circling a large green area outside the toilet block "But there is no electric". Somehow, to our amazement, we were directed to the front of the queue and into the campsite.

As it transpires, we'd scored ourselves one of the best 'non-pitches' on the site and our 50m hookup cable came in handy once again to plug us up to the grid. I don't know why, but we were very grateful. Looking at how much the prices have increased during the 2012-2013 season its obvious that Bled is becoming increasingly popular. A pitch with electric runs at €30.50 at peak season with a 10% discount for staying 7 nights or more and a further 5% for a Camping Carnet, I'm not sure if we'll stay that long.

Despite being 'full' the campsite does a good job of absorbing its residents and as always European children are impeccably well behaved. The campsite entrance is quite literally on the shore of Lake Bled which extends back a long way and is surrounded by trees and rocky outcrops. There is a well stocked shop, restaurant and ice cream bar along with a bar on the lake.

It's hot here. Really hot. Upon chatting to a number of campers we've found that people are here having come back from Croatia where it is "too hot". That was our ultimate destination and now we're having second thoughts. Time to enjoy what Bled has to offer around its 6km shoreline.

The town itself is focused around the hotels that hold the summer and winter tourists, a visit would not be complete without some 'Kremna rezina' or quite simply 'Bled Cake'! There is something about Bled Island and its 99 steps that sets this place apart from elsewhere in Europe. Boats can be hired for 10 euro (euro sign) per hour which if you don't mind rowing yourself you can spend 4 hours out on the lake for the price of someone doing it for you.

Bled Castle (Blejski grad) offers panoramic views of Bled and you don't have to pay its €8 entrance fee to see them. There is a lesser known snicket around the back from which you can afford virtually the same views, without the price tag, see below.

There is however a better viewing point. Osojnica is an easy 650m climb from outside the campsite, from which you have spectacular views over the lake - seating provided! We loved this little known viewing area, the panoramic views are just amazing. If you dare to climb the rocks you can even get your own campsite panorama - can you spot our van?

We're starting to settle in here. Its been 35 degrees in the shade for three days on the trot. 

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  1. Looks great.
    We visited Southern Spain last year in the motorhome and the temperature in the shade was 43c. It was almost impossible to sleep at night too.
    Keep up with the great trip reports!

  2. I too would like to share our lake Bled experience. We went to Bled last year for the first time in our motorhome and went back again this year. Slovenia itself is gorgeous. We had visited many countries but when we arrived in Bled, I was left breathless. Its clean, pristine waters and approach to tourists in general is a straight 10/10. Bled caters for all needs quiet relaxing holiday, sporting or middle range. The food is great particularly the schnitzel. We recommend Bled to everyone and anyone. You wont regret it.

  3. Your pictures look terrific. I have been planning on visiting Slovenia.I Will probably book my tickets with Lufthansa now so that i can manage to go there by next month. Lufthansa is the only airline i trust completely because they provide fantastic cabin services. It's a must try!

  4. Oh how different to the time we visited, when Bled was in Yugoslavia and the locals could not afford two slices of salami and it cost us over 1,000,000 dinars for our short stay, but many amazing memories!

    Graham & Carol (now pensioners, but not retired from travelling)

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