Delphi is the place that seems to be #1 in all of the tourist literature about Greece, the surrounding area is certainly set up for it with a newly constructed cruise ship port in Itea where we stayed overnight and countless campsites on the way up to the site. We were very surprised to find that the whole site was very quiet and were able to take photos and wander round without the usual bus loads of tourists which must be present in season.

Delphi sits on the slopes of Mount Parnassus and is split over two sites, the main site where most of the well known remains are located costs just €3 each to get in. The "Sacred Way" winds its way up through the foundations, the first couple of monuments which you come across are the Treasury of Athens and the Temple of Apollo which dates back to the 4th Century BC.

One of the main features of the ancient site is a well preserved Theatre also built in 4th Century BC originally seating 5,000 spectators and giving them an amazing view of the site and valley below. From the Theatre the path continues to the Stadium at the top of the hill which is the best preserved in all of Greece but unfortunately the best vantage points for photographs were cordoned off.

The Gymnasium and Tholos are located at the other side of the road and entrance to this site is free. The Tholos originally comprised of 20 columns but only 3 stand today after being partly restored and re-erected in the 1940's otherwise there wouldn't be much to see apart from lots of piles of stones!

12km miles up the road from Delphi is the small village of Arahova which is renowned for its pasta, honey, red wine hand woven goods and animal skins. We wandered around the shops not entirely comfortable with the blankets made of out foxes, raccoon, rabbit... in fact any animal with fur that you have seen in the wild you can take home and drape over your bed! We did note, however, that some of the red wine was the same as what is for sale in Lidl but with a marked up price!

Overnight Location GPS: (38,43149, 22.42129) - 9 miles from Delphi at the marina at Itea. Free.

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  1. Very cool spot. Can you post a little about where you park up every night and the costs to do so? Thanks!

  2. Hello again,
    Another very interesting blog with lots of helpful information. I particularly like your comment about the wine! Thank you.

  3. Hello Adam and Sophie,

    it seems we just missed you guys. We passed Delphi the 13th, coming from the North.
    We are in Valimitika now, preparing for our return boattrip from Patras tomorrow.
    Though I now that the photographer makes the pictures, we would like to know what camera's you use and wich programm to edit. Not only Picasa we think...

    Have a very save trip. Back home in Holland we have a little more time to follow you.

    Monique and Michel