Last night we got off the Ferry and made our way towards Aire in Oostend
(51.22279, 2.92339) which was situated next to a lake. We managed to get
a space next to a Mercedes Sprinter and got our heads down for the
night. We woke about 10am and set about having some breakfast. I opened
the blindes to find a Hymer parked on the other side of us with our wing
mirrors nearly touching... not ideal... just about managed to squeeze it
out in front of a crowed of Belgians...

Today we drove 350 miles to an aire in Aschaffenburg (49.97835, 9.11565)
which is situated on a river with great views of the castle. Sophie did
all the driving today and managed 30.5MPG, not sure that I'll be able to
repeat that tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be driving the remainder of the way to Prague, but hope
to have time to spend a few days in Germany on the way back. Might go
and explore some of the town in the morning depending on the weather,
it's pretty here about 25c and its 9pm at night!
Not much else to report... looking forward to getting into bed!

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