As we sit here and write this, we're all too aware that we've let the blog slip a little. Ok maybe a lot! We're embarrassed about it, since it was one of the things we promised ourselves (and our readers!) we wouldn't do. EuropeByCamper continues to draw in well over 11,000 unique visitors a month and we've nearly clocked up half a million page views but with the ratio between new and returning visitors falling I feel especially bad for those people who've come back to check for updates and not found one. The digital marketer in me says I should really put some adsense adverts on here but once you press the button you have no control over what is displayed so we're going to hold back and stay true to our morals, although I might put a little link to our business Motorhome WiFi in the sidebar over the next few days. That's fair, right? :-)

Since visiting the Motorhome Shows as an exhibitor with Motorhome WiFi we have literally met hundreds of people who have read our blog. In writing that it feels very self righteous and egotistical but hopefully if you've met us you'll realise that isn't us at all, we're genuinely humbled that anyone has found our ramblings interesting at all. We don't profess to be the authority on anything - we love motorhoming and the community we've found ourselves involved in and knowing that our whistle stop tour of Europe has inspired just one person to do the same or at least consider countries that they might not have done otherwise is a real buzz. We're sorry if we can't always remember you by name (especially if you've e-mailed us!) and we love receiving your tips and information on your trips too.

A lady came to see us at Cheshire who said she had followed some of our Wild Camping POI's for Norway and gave us a tip that on-board the ferries you can buy a 3000NOK card which entitles you to 5900NOK of ferry crossings - a fantastic saving especially if you're over 6m in length! Catherine & Chris from The World Is Our Lobster is checking it out and if you're interested in Norway I suggest you check them out too!

Another blog we participially enjoyed recently was Andy's Beetling around the Balkans - something we full intend to do in the near future. Caravan Guard are the only UK motorhome insurer (as far as we're aware) that gives Fully Comp cover for Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia. He visited our favourite campsite at  Camping Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria which was also republished in this months magazine feature.

So what else has been happening? Sophie is busy working for Smart as a brand manager and works most weekends. She can actually supply a car anywhere in the country, so if you're in the market for a new or used Smart car get in touch for a motorhomers discount (or maybe some free mats ;-)! She'll might also exhibiting with Smart at the Motorhome Show in Harrogate in March (a new fixture from Warners at the Harrogate Show Ground). The weekends she's not working I've been dragging her to the Motorhome Shows with Motorhome WiFi (oops).

We've also been enjoying some excellent free English Stopovers courtesy of Steve at Britstop's English Stopover Scheme which is worth a look if you like good food and free overnight parking!

If you would like to read the latest copy of Motorhome Monthly please click here to be taken to the magazines digital edition, it's great to see our pictures in print as we've still not gotten around to printing any off ourselves yet! We're still motorhome shopping too.. hope to find something by Christmas.

Have you got any questions? Anything you would like to see covered in our blog? Please get in touch! We promise it won't be so long between blog posts next time, our country guides are calling... (famous last words!).

Adam & Sophie

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