We're really, really sorry we've not updated the blog in so long. We promised it wouldn't happen just because we were back in the UK and we won't let it happen again, we'll be updating at least once a week from now on!

In recent news, Sophie and I are just back from the Peterborough show after launching a little business venture, Motorhome WiFi. We did this on the back of the several thousand people who have read one of the most popular pages on our site ‘Internet Access in Europe’ and e-mailed us asking for information and advice. We thought, rather than promoting someone else’s products on our site, we’d take the products that worked for us along with some custom mounts and put them to a wider audience and the result was a resounding success.

What overwhelmed us most of all were the 100+ people who recognised us personally and had been following our progress as we toured around Europe. It really means a lot to us to know that you have enjoyed reading about our travels enough to recognise us and come up and say hello! Hello to all of you and I’m sorry if we didn’t remember you all by name, although a few stand out!

If you would like to be kept up to date with new products and information about WiFi and 3G in Europe, please like MotorhomeWiFi on Facebook as we won’t be promoting it too heavily on here. Click to view the website.

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So what’s next for us? We’ve had lots of e-mails asking how we’ve adjusted to life back in the UK and apart from the weather we’re doing OK. Adam is still working for himself with lots of web projects on the go and Sophie is working for SMART so we’ve got an awesome little convertible SMART car to run around in… a bit of a change from a 6m camper van!

We’d like to replace our van soon but we’re not sure what route to go down next… Perhaps we try a Self Build? We’ve looked at some UK based panel van conversions so watch out for some information on those as we look into them!

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  1. Yeh build your own. I did.


    I'd does us great, but is a bit slow. If I was going to cove a lot of miles I would probably do a Sprinter 416 LWB high top.

    If I was going to live aboard for extended touring then I would convert a 40-50 seater coach with a tow car or garage.

    1. Hi Kev, we followed your ambulance conversion and it looks first class! We'd probably do something on a Citron Relay or perhaps a new shape Renault Master if they come down in price. We loved the transverse rear fixed bed in the Twin and unfortunately a Sprinter/Crafter just isn't wide enough! :)

  2. This is marvelous news. I shall buy from you. And you are considering a panel van self build. Join the club. Great

  3. well done you two! This is a great idea (though I just tried to look you up on Facebook and couldn't find it) A few years ago I thought that I should find something to do with motorhomes and produce it......padded tv covers were the first step and friends had them but now with drop down tvs etc it maybe wasn't such a good one!
    I wish you very good luck in your venture, best wishes, Maggie

  4. We have had a self build for many years and they are great. Be warned though if you become self employed (or are already) a lot of insurers will not allow any form of commuting to work and it is impossible (for us anyway) to get any form of insurance that allows any use linked to business.

    we are thinking of going the other way and buying from an established manufacturer to avoid the hassle we have had with restrictions on self builds. Not trying to put you off btw just info to help you make an informed decision.

  5. A great looking site, good luck with the Wi-fi venture - just one note; there's a typo in the graphics 'Weaterproof' instead of Weatherproof.

    Shout up when you're on the hunt for a T5 for the self-build! :))

  6. David consider using NFU for your insurance. I bought my base vehicle from the Netherlands and did a self-import. NFU insured it fully comprehensive on it's VIN before I had it registered in the UK.

    Then I had 3 or 6 months from beginning to end of the self build, to retain the fully comprehensive insurance.

    They also insured me while self-employed.