We headed to Fez and to a Marjane to replenish our alcohol supplies since this is the only place to buy it at sensible prices. Truth be told, our heart wasn’t really in Fez from the start. We had a fantastic time in Marrakesh but our travelling experience tells us that unless you are willing to psych yourself up and give the necessary mental and physical commitment that a large city demands, then you are destined to have a poor experience.

After the desert we wanted somewhere to relax and find a similar place to Erg Chebbi on a simple and inexpensive campsite with fresh local produce nearby.

Moulay Bousselham Lagoon from above
We decided to head for the coast. This comes at a cost since we will miss the ‘traditional’ route back via Chefchaouen, but as we will definitely be back this leaves us something to look forward to for next time.

At Moulay Bousselham there is a campsite on the lagoon for the price of £5/day and we’re so pleased with our decision that we are already extending our time in Morocco by a few days to soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

C&C produced a large inflatable two man kayak from the depths of their van and we spent several hours paddling around the lagoon in tandem.

The campsite here is great with breath-taking views and sunsets over the lagoon with the sea in the far distance. Each morning a small number of Moroccans come by offering food; the first day it was huge juicy sweet strawberries for 75p a punnet, then it was crab cooked and brought to our van. The campsite restaurant also makes tasty chips for 75p a portion which has been a fabulous accompaniment to our locally caught fish cooked on the outside barbecue.

   "Crab Man"                                                    Local Strawberry Boy

We had been watching the local's turning up at the mouth of the lagoon all day, every day, bartering for fresh fish to sell at their own stalls in the village. We took a look for ourselves as we really fancied a fish and chip tea that evening. For 80 Dirhams (£6) we got 2 kilo's of fresh fish which went nicely with the chips which we had ordered from the onsite restaurant for 3 o'clock.

Lots of different species of fish at the local fish market in Moulay Bousselham

Maybe we’ll leave on Monday? Maybe not. We’ll see!

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  1. Looks cool Adam, we're on our way! Jay

  2. Wow, Morocco, how awesome! Just caught up on the last few months of your adventures. Good for you guys :) Funny to see all the sunshine, since I now work in a ski resort with over 3 metres of snow... ;) I will have to email you guys sometime about our big trip next year (heading to Central America!) - we're already searching for a camper now, really want to get the best one for the job. Have fun -


  3. Oh and I forgot to say - know exactly what you mean about needing to be psyched up for cities. We felt just the same way at the end of our Europe trip - we visited Bucharest, Budapest, Prague and Berlin all within a few weeks, so when we got to Paris and Brussels a short few days later we just had to say no. They're not going anywhere...