CS at Fylingthorpe overlooking Robin Hoods Bay

Oops. Despite our best intentions, we have struggled to keep Europe By Camper updated as often as we intended. So we might have dropped a few places on Google, but we still seem to attract a huge volume of unique visitors and e-mails each month and we have just ticked over to 500 likes on Facebook! It seems now is the time of year people are researching their big trips and we have some new and exciting blogs to recommend over the coming months as other couples set off on their own adventures.  This has spurred us on to putting some effort into some of the areas of the site that we've promised to update – but never managed to get back around to. We’re now hoping to change that!

Whitby in Spring

So what’s new with us? Well we’re not settling down into bricks and mortar which happens to many people after they get back from travelling – planned or otherwise. We’re trying to get ourselves into a position where we can facilitate extended periods of travel and so in the short term that means
working long hours!

Working for yourself is both a blessing and a curse, but as an ex ad agency Account Manager answering e-mails within minutes at all hours of the day is what I’ve been pre-programmed to do. Sophie is now working alongside me full time, although in reality she’s pretty much running Motorhome WiFi now! This is allowing me to concentrate on some other projects to allow us some more freedom to travel. Our van has become a mobile office and we're grateful for the extra space.

The Delfin still doesn’t have a name, although we seem to refer to him (or her!) as ‘The Truck’. The Renault Master chassis with the 3.0 Litre engine is a great combination and we can’t fault the build quality in any way and we’re really loving the insulation!

Snowy Sunset on a CS in Bentley at Easter!

Despite the appalling weather we’ve had in the UK so far in 2013, we’ve managed to get away a couple of times in the van in the UK and see friends. We’ve been exploring the CL/CS network where we have stayed at a lovely little site in between Bath and Exeter and a CS a stones throw away from Robin Hoods Bay.

Beautiful little CL near Bath

 One minute its freezing cold, the next it is t-shirt weather!

If you’ve not been to a Motorhome Show so far this year, you've not missed much – they've all been pretty cold although we had an excellent show at Harrogate despite the snow! April sees us attending both Shepton Mallet Motorhome Show in Bath and Peterborough where we launched our business a year ago so if you’re going to be there, come along and say hello!

Spot our van: The very snowy Harrogate Motorhome Show in March

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  1. Hi, I must say this is a wealth of very valuable information! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    My Wife and I are planning on converting a Luton Van to a high standard and spend 6 months a year in Europe and 6 months in the UK.

    What I was wondering is: you specified that you wanted a van under 7 meters when you bought your current one. The lutons are just under 7 meters. What is it like to park and drive your van? do you find it very restrictive and what tips could you give us?

    We're finding it very hard to have anything smaller and still have the essentials like office area as well as a place for our stuff...