I know, I know. We've been neglecting the blog again. Best intentions, but we've been so busy but have some exciting news (well, for us!) coming up which we will be blogging about shortly.

Meanwhile, we've been re-living our trips through Greece in the September edition of Motorhome Monthly Magazine. I know we've said this before, but its great to see our pictures in print as we've not even gotten around to printing our favorites off since we got back from travelling in April. It was also highly amusing that this magazine served to be the Stratford Upon Avon Show Guide and as we were exhibiting there with our business people kept reminding us that Sophie was in a bikini printed in the magazine (a small shot, so you'll have to look hard for it!).

So long did we spend in Greece (10 weeks in total) that our blog and subsequently the Magazine ran the feature over two months. October saw 'Motorhome Monthly Magazine' change its name to 'Motorhome and Campervan' which shows the emphasis the magazine has always seem to place on Panel Van conversions. We were opposite the quirky DFSK conversions which were TINY - they made our Adria Twin seem like an RV in comparison!

Check out the Magazine Online here: http://www.motorhomeandcampervan.com/

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