One thing we weren't happy about with our van was the light grey seat covers which no matter how hard we tried, kept getting dirty and picking up stains.

We really liked the dark grey interiors fitted to the Globecars so set about trying to find a company that could replicate them for us. A quick Google and we landed on Motorhome Seat Covers but the colours and styles on their website weren't what we were after. We searched some more but wasn't able to find anyone so we got in contact with Motorhome Seat Covers to see what they could do.

Shortly after we explained our requirements, samples started to arrive in the post. In total three envelopes arrived stuffed full of different dark, light and colorful samples. We decided that the only way to make an informed decision was to make our way to Stockport and see them for ourselves.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Dee who guided us expertly through the piles of upholstery at his disposal offering us leather, suede, cloth and even real sheepskin!

He explained that there were two seat covers he could make for us - Made to Measure would be exactly the same as the original seat covers with separate headrest covers and would fit accordingly. These were priced in the region of £120 for a front pair depending on the fabric used, more of course for the leather. However he offered a cheaper product made of the same material but with elasticated bottoms and thus less labor intensive to make and easier to fit, at roughly £60 a pair. We decided that the intention of the seat covers was to protect the seat and thus "expensive" covers would defeat the object since we would be worrying about them all the time!

We also wanted our rear seat doing in the same upholstery which Dee was only too happy to do for us. The cushions were taken inside and used as a template while his machinist created covers made out of the same fabric as we chose for our seats.

It's worth mentioning that in my experience of owning a motorhome I've never received the level of customer service that Dee @ Motorhome Seat Covers gave me and delivered me a product exactly what I was expecting and for what I feel was an excellent price. He has just moved to new premises which allows you to drive you vehicle in and have the seats re-covered as you see fit in a wide range of materials. Most motorhome owners won't want a dark interior like us (we've matched it up with dark grey carpets and black edging we made ourselves!) but we're really happy. If you are looking at getting your seats recovered, I'd recommend getting in touch!

Unit 4, Brighton Road Industrial Estate,
Brighton Road,
Cheshire SK4 2BE.
Telephone: (0161) 442 2121
Website URL:

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  1. These look really nice and good quality. It's also refreshing to hear of a company that values its customers and offers good customer service :) Well done Motorhome Seat Covers!!

  2. We've just purchased our first motorhome and hope to experience summers in Europe, plus see a bit more of Britain. We took a budget route and bought a used RV on the lower end of the scale, just in case we didn't really like travelling this way in the end. I'm really enjoying your blog and look forward to learning loads from your experience! Thanks for all the tips.