We're in the June 2012 edition of Practical Motorhome on page 36,37 & 39 talking about our experiences of touring The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  This was our first experience of 'writing for' a magazine and we're really impressed at how some of our photos came out! We didn't choose the title but I'm pretty sure 'Baltics or Bust' was battered around by Catherine @ The World is Our Lobster while on tour in Morocco. Thanks to her for proof reading!                   
We subscribe to Practical Motorhome digitally which can be read on a Laptop or an iPad either through Exact Editions or cheaper through Zinio (here). If you are a new reader who has come to the blog for the first time you can read About Us and get in touch here!

To read more about the countries featured in the article, click to view Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania blog posts.  
In other news our Adria Twin has gone to new owners who sound like they will be using her to her full potential in the UK at off road Land Rover competitions. We wish them the best of luck with their first baby and hope that WAVY serves them well. I think they just might be getting her stuck a few more times then we did!

We have lots of other exciting things to tell you about and article's to write including updating our country guides (long overdue). Despite us being back in the UK our visitors to the blog have actually increased with our recent magazine features! Thank you all for coming and reading about us, I hope that what we have written has been useful and have encouraged you to go and do something similar.

Adam & Sophie

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  1. Thanks for a great useful site Adam & Sophie. Can you find the time now to give us the good the bad and ugly on the Adria. What was great about it, what worked well what would you change, what should you have done?

    1. Of course, we'll be posting a 'Live in test' on our Twin very shortly! :)

  2. Interestingly the magazine cannot be downloaded as a pdf due to licience restrictions so those of us that use iPad's cannot read them through iBooks. You can download a separate app which is free but I like to keep all my reading material in one place.


    1. The Exact Editions app is very light weight and easy to use, it does download the whole magazine so that you can read it offline too. On the web edition you can download pages as a PDF - but only one page at a time. The pictures look so great on an iPad that I don't think I could go back to a paper magazine!

  3. thanks for the inspiration, it will be good to compare notes

    ps sent you a separate offline email, hope thats OK?

    keef & annie