Beginning the route north, we head to Caceres. Our tanks are full of Moroccan Diesel and somehow our van is running better than ever. These vehicles really do need some miles on them and despite travelling at 110kph for 300 miles we still average nearly 30mpg. If only we'd known, we could have done this trip in half the time!

In Caceres we pull into the campsite to meet up once again with Adam's parents who themselves have been travelling Spain for the past 3 months. It's a fantastic achievement for them, my mum especially who only very recently overcame her fears of ferry's and dislike of being away from home for more than a couple of weeks at a time. They both look well and we spend hours talking about our Moroccan stories including our hard-won Moroccan carpet which looks great down the centre of their van.

We venture into Caceres and it's here where we realise the true effect that Morocco has had on us. We want to buy some tomato's and red onions to make a 'berber salad' but can't find a vegetable shop, nevermind a supermarket. There are too many shops and even the impressive old town seems somehow uninspiring, perhaps it's just too normal and civilized compared to what we are used to and instead we sit in the square and talk for another hour about our time in Morocco!  

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  1. johnbreslin@paceprint.ie20 March 2012 at 08:08

    Really enjoyed your blog.
    Heading off ourselves on the 5th of April down through France into Spain and hopefully Portugal. Would appreciate any advice on wild camping spots or good campsites , or places not to miss?
    John and Ruth Breslin

    1. have just spent 3 months touring spain. would recommend delta de ebro, for birdlife, cabo de gata for unspoilt coves, sierre de montfrague for amazing sights of griffon vultures; sevilla, ronda, granada, salamanca for city visiting, sevilla in particular is a wonderful lively place and we are not usually city people. el rocio near the donana national park for oddity, the picos de europa for wonderful walking in scenic mountains. lots of wild camping on the coast out of season, but might get moved on in summer. look out for area recreativos (picnic places) in woods, as stayed overnight in a few of these in some lovely locations though avoid weekends when the spanish are out in force barbecuing. we found spain a diverse and interesting place if you are prepared to go away from the usual tourist spots, look for parques naturales. hope this helps and adds to adam and sophies suggestions of good places.