So, I've been meaning to start writing some actual content for this blog for a long while but unfortunately paying work usually comes first and thus this has taken a back seat until now!

We're in the progress of planning a new trip from April 2011 for an epic 12 months plus taking in all of the European countries we've not yet visited and as far east as we dare go this time around. There is a lot of planning to do, books to read and stuff to buy but we have plenty of time (I hope!).

We were also thinking of buying a new van for the journey to replace our Adria Twin, a Globecar 599DB. We have until the 4th of January to make a decision on that (when the VAT goes up to 20%) so watch this space! We would be importing it from Germany and I've written a guide to importing to go on this blog at a later stage.

Our Adria Twin on it's first outing to the Peak District
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